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Валерий Егорович Быкасов Петропавловск-Камчатский: предыстория и история образования

РаÑкÑÑваеÑÑÑ Ð¿ÑедÑÑÑоÑÐ¸Ñ Ð¾ÑкÑÑÑÐ¸Ñ ÐваÑинÑкой гÑбÑ. ÐоказÑваеÑÑÑ, ÑÑо оÑÑÑÑÑÑвие Ð²Ð½Ð¸Ð¼Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ Ðº аÑÑÑономиÑеÑÐºÐ¾Ð¼Ñ ÑпоÑÐ¾Ð±Ñ Ð¸ÑÑиÑÐ»ÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ ÑÑÑок, иÑполÑзÑемого на коÑаблÑÑ ÐÑоÑой ÐамÑаÑÑкой ÑкÑпедиÑии, пÑивело к пÑивÑзке оÑиÑиалÑно ÑÑÑановленной даÑÑ Ð¾ÑÐ½Ð¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ ÐеÑÑопавловÑка-ÐамÑаÑÑкого к 6(17) вмеÑÑо 7(18) окÑÑбÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾ наÑÐµÐ¼Ñ Ð³ÑажданÑÐºÐ¾Ð¼Ñ Ð²Ñемени. ÐÑÑвлÑеÑÑÑ, ÑÑо пакеÑÐ±Ð¾Ñ &Ccedil;Св. Ðавел&Egrave;, ведомÑй Ð. Ð. ЧиÑиковÑм, воÑÑл в ÐваÑинÑкÑÑ Ð³ÑÐ±Ñ 27 ÑенÑÑбÑÑ, а пакеÑÐ±Ð¾Ñ &Ccedil;Св. ÐÑÑÑ&Egrave; под командованием Ð. Ð. ÐеÑинга &ndash; 6 окÑÑбÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾ аÑÑÑономиÑеÑÐºÐ¾Ð¼Ñ Ð²Ñемени. ÐелаеÑÑÑ Ð²Ñвод о необÑодимоÑÑи пеÑеноÑа даÑÑ Ð¾Ð±ÑÐ°Ð·Ð¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ ÐеÑÑопавловÑка-ÐамÑаÑÑкого на Ð´ÐµÐ½Ñ Ð½Ð°Ñала Ð²Ð¾Ð·Ð²ÐµÐ´ÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ Ð¿ÐµÑвÑÑ ÑÑÑоений бÑдÑÑего гоÑода, ÑÑо пÑоизоÑло 22 иÑÐ½Ñ (по ÑовÑÐµÐ¼ÐµÐ½Ð½Ð¾Ð¼Ñ ÐºÐ°Ð»ÐµÐ½Ð´Ð°ÑÑ), поÑле заÑода в ÐваÑинÑкÑÑ Ð³ÑÐ±Ñ Ð±Ð¾Ñа &Ccedil;Св. ÐавÑиил&Egrave; под ÑпÑавлением ÑÑÑÑмана Ð. Ф. Ðлагина.<br><br>Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: the Prehistory and the History of Foundation (in Russian).<br><br>The prehistory of the Avacha bay discovery is being disclosed. It is being shown that lack of attention towards the fact that the astronomic way of calculation of days was used on the Second Kamchatka Expedition vessels, led to setting October 6th(17th) instead of 7th(18th) as a civil date of the official Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky foundation. It is being disclosed that the packet boat &Ccedil;St Paul&Egrave;, lead by A. Chirikov, entered the Avacha Bay on September 27th, and packet boat &Ccedil;St Peter&Egrave; under V. Bering&#39;s command &ndash; on October 6th by astronomic time. The conclusion, that the date of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky&#39;s foundation ought to be changed to the day of laying of its first buildings, which happened soon after boat &Ccedil;St Gabriel&Egrave; under command of Ivan Yelagin had entered the Avacha bay on June 22th of the present calendar, is being made.

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Déborah Danowski The Ends of the World

The end of the world is a seemingly interminable topic Ð at least, of course, until it happens. Environmental catastrophe and planetary apocalypse are subjects of enduring fascination and, as ethnographic studies show, human cultures have approached them in very different ways. Indeed, in the face of the growing perception of the dire effects of global warming, some of these visions have been given a new lease on life. Information and analyses concerning the human causes and the catastrophic consequences of the planetary ‘crisis’ have been accumulating at an ever-increasing rate, mobilising popular opinion as well as academic reflection. In this book, philosopher Déborah Danowski and anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro offer a bold overview and interpretation of these current discourses on ‘the end of the world’, reading them as thought experiments on the decline of the West’s anthropological adventure Ð that is, as attempts, though not necessarily intentional ones, at inventing a mythology that is adequate to the present. This work has important implications for the future development of ecological practices and it will appeal to a broad audience interested in contemporary anthropology, philosophy, and environmentalism.

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Juliane Rebentisch The Art of Freedom

The concept of democratic freedom refers to more than the kind of freedom embodied by political institutions and procedures. Democratic freedom can only be properly understood if it is grasped as the expression of a culture of freedom that encompasses an entire form of life. Juliane Rebentisch’s systematic and historical approach demonstrates that we can learn a great deal about the democratic culture of freedom from its philosophical critics. From Plato to Carl Schmitt, the critique of democratic culture has always been articulated as a critique of its ãaestheticization“. Rebentisch defends various phenomena of aestheticization Ð from the irony typical of democratic citizens to the theatricality of the political Ð as constitutive elements of democratic culture and the notion of freedom at the heart of its ethical and political self-conception. This work will be of particular interest to students of Political Theory, Philosophy and Aesthetics.

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Stella Sandford Plato and Sex

What does the study of Plato’s dialogues tell us about the modern meaning of ‘sex’? How can recent developments in the philosophy of sex and gender help us read these ancient texts anew? Plato and Sex addresses these questions for the first time. Each chapter demonstrates how the modern reception of Plato’s works Ð in both mainstream and feminist philosophy and psychoanalytical theory Ð has presupposed a ‘natural-biological’ conception of what sex might mean. Through a critical comparison between our current understanding of sex and Plato’s notion of genos, Plato and Sex puts this presupposition into question. With its groundbreaking interpretations of the Republic, the Symposium and the Timaeus, this book opens up a new approach to sex as a philosophical concept. Including critical readings of the theories of sex and sexuation in Freud and Lacan, and relating such theories to Plato’s writings, Plato and Sex both questions our assumptions about sex and explains how those assumptions have coloured our understanding of Plato. What results is not only an original reading of some of the most prominent aspects of Plato’s philosophy, but a new attempt to think through the meaning of sex today.

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Stella Sandford Plato and Sex

What does the study of Plato’s dialogues tell us about the modern meaning of ‘sex’? How can recent developments in the philosophy of sex and gender help us read these ancient texts anew? Plato and Sex addresses these questions for the first time. Each chapter demonstrates how the modern reception of Plato’s works Ð in both mainstream and feminist philosophy and psychoanalytical theory Ð has presupposed a ‘natural-biological’ conception of what sex might mean. Through a critical comparison between our current understanding of sex and Plato’s notion of genos, Plato and Sex puts this presupposition into question. With its groundbreaking interpretations of the Republic, the Symposium and the Timaeus, this book opens up a new approach to sex as a philosophical concept. Including critical readings of the theories of sex and sexuation in Freud and Lacan, and relating such theories to Plato’s writings, Plato and Sex both questions our assumptions about sex and explains how those assumptions have coloured our understanding of Plato. What results is not only an original reading of some of the most prominent aspects of Plato’s philosophy, but a new attempt to think through the meaning of sex today.

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Papson Stephen Landscapes of Capital

Every era has its dominant representations. Just as landscape painters of previous centuries captured and expressed new modes of perceiving history, corporate advertisers now devise the imagined landscapes of global capitalism. Advertising functions as an omnipresent discursive form, publicly assembling and circulating the predominant tropes of our era. This project is based on the premise that corporate advertising’s landscapes help shape our epoch’s imaginative conceptualizations of the spatial relations, the temporal flows, and the cultural geographies that correspond to the emergence of a high-tech global economy. In Landscapes of Capital Robert Goldman and Steven Papson examine how corporate television ads from the last fifteen years have organized predominant images, tropes and narrative representations of a world in transition. The volume takes particular interest in how relations of space, time, speed, capital, technology and globalization are narratively represented in advertising. Goldman and Papson skillfully demonstrate how Capital represents itself at a moment of critical historical transition Ð the passage into high-tech globalization and the crises associated with it. They argue that corporate ads can be read to reveal how Capital represents itself and the world that is being wrought Ð in terms of the signifiers it prefers and the stories it tells.

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Niklas Luhmann Love. A Sketch

Love seems like the most personal experience, one that touches each of us in a unique way that is more personal than social, and hence it is not surprising that it has been largely neglected by sociologists and social theorists. While it has long been a central preoccupation of writers and novelists, love has rarely attracted anything more than the most cursory attention of social scientists. This short text, originally written in 1969 by the eminent German social theorist Niklas Luhmann, goes a long way to redressing this neglect. Rather than seeing love as a unique and ineffable personal experience, Luhmann treats love as a solution to a problem that depends on a wider range of social structures and forms. Human beings are faced with a world of enormous complexity and they have to find ways to order and make sense of this world. In other words, they need certain facilities for action Ð what Luhmann calls ‘media of communication’ Ð that enable them to select from a host of alternatives in ways that will be understood as meaningful by others. Love is one of these media; truth, power, money and art are others. With the development of modern societies, greater demands are made on this medium of love, altering the relationship between love and sexuality and giving rise to the distinctive difficulties we associate with love today. This short text by one of the most brilliant social theorists of the 20th century will be of great interest to students and scholars throughout the social sciences and humanities. It is a concise and pithy statement of what is still the only sociological theory of love we have.

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Janie Leatherman L. Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women become victims of sexual violence in conflict zones around the world; in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, approximately 1,100 rapes are reported each month. This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the causes, consequences and responses to sexual violence in contemporary armed conflict. It explores the function and effect of wartime sexual violence and examines the conditions that make women and girls most vulnerable to these acts both before, during and after conflict. To understand the motivations of the men (and occasionally women) who perpetrate this violence, the book analyzes the role played by systemic and situational factors such as patriarchy and militarized masculinity. Difficult questions of accountability are tackled; in particular, the case of child soldiers, who often suffer a double victimization when forced to commit sexual atrocities. The book concludes by looking at strategies of prevention and protection as well as new programs being set up on the ground to support the rehabilitation of survivors and their communities. Sexual violence in war has long been a taboo subject but, as this book shows, new and courageous steps are at last being taken Ð at both local and international level – to end what has been called the “greatest silence in history”.

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Paul Feyerabend K. Philosophy of Nature

Philosopher, physicist, and anarchist Paul Feyerabend was one of the most unconventional scholars of his time. His book Against Method has become a modern classic. Yet it is not well known that Feyerabend spent many years working on a philosophy of nature that was intended to comprise three volumes covering the period from the earliest traces of stone age cave paintings to the atomic physics of the 20th century Ð a project that, as he conveyed in a letter to Imre Lakatos, almost drove him nuts: “Damn the ,Naturphilosophie.” The book’s manuscript was long believed to have been lost. Recently, however, a typescript constituting the first volume of the project was unexpectedly discovered at the University of Konstanz. In this volume Feyerabend explores the significance of myths for the early period of natural philosophy, as well as the transition from Homer’s “aggregate universe” to Parmenides’ uniform ontology. He focuses on the rise of rationalism in Greek antiquity, which he considers a disastrous development, and the associated separation of man from nature. Thus Feyerabend explores the prehistory of science in his familiar polemical and extraordinarily learned manner. The volume contains numerous pictures and drawings by Feyerabend himself. It also contains hitherto unpublished biographical material that will help to round up our overall image of one of the most influential radical philosophers of the twentieth century.

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In this short book Peter Sloterdijk clarifies his views on religion and its role in pre-modern and modern societies. He begins by returning to the Mount Sinai episode in the Book of Exodus, where he identifies the emergence of what he calls the 'Sinai Schema'. At the core of monotheism is the logic of belonging to a community of confession, of being a true believer – this is what Sloterdijk calls the Sinai Schema. To be a member of a people means that you submit to the beliefs of the community just as you submit to its language. Monotheism is predicated on the logic of one God who demands your utmost loyalty. Hence at the core of monotheism is also the fear of apotheosis, of heresy, of heterodoxy. So monotheism is associated first and foremost with a certain kind of internal violence Ð namely, a violence against those who violate their membership through a break in loyalty and trust. On the basis of this analysis of the inner logic of monotheism, Sloterdijk retraces its historical legacy and shows how this account enables us to understand why we react so nervously today to all forms of fundamentalism – whether that of radical Islamists, the Catholic Pius Brotherhood or evangelical sects in the USA

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Emery Ed Diary of an Escape

n Many people across the world know Antonio Negri as an internationally renowned political thinker whose book, Empire, co-authored with Michael Hardt, is an international bestseller. Much less well known is the fact that, up until 1979, Negri was a university professor teaching in Paris and Padova. On April 7th, 1979 he was arrested, charged with the murder of Italian politician Aldo Moro, accused of 17 other murders, of being the head of the Red Brigades and of fomenting insurrection against the state. He has since been absolved of all these accusations, but thanks to the emergency laws in Italy at the time, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Then, in July 1983, he was elected as a member of parliament, which meant that he was released from prison after four and a half years of preventive detention. After months of debate, the Lower House decided to strip him of his parliamentary immunity Ð by 300 votes in favour and 293 against. At that point he left Italy for exile in France where he remained until 1997 and continued to maintain his innocence of all the crimes of which he was accused. This book is Negri's diary in which he tells of his imprisonment, trial, the elections, and his escape to and exile in France. Both personal and political, it recounts a little known aspect of Negri's life and will be of great interest to anyone concerned with the work of this enormously influential political thinker.

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Группа авторов Ironic Life

Just as philosophy begins with doubt, so also a life that may be called human begins with irony so wrote Kierkegaard. While we commonly think of irony as a figure of speech where someone says one thing and means the opposite, the concept of irony has long played a more fundamental role in the tradition of philosophy, a role that goes back to Socrates Ð the originator and exemplar of the urbane ironic life. But what precisely is Socratic irony and what relevance, if any, does it have for us today? Bernstein begins his inquiry with a critical examination of the work of two contemporary philosophers for whom irony is vital: Jonathan Lear and Richard Rorty. Despite their sharp differences, Bernstein argues that they complement one other, each exploring different aspects of ironic life. In the background of Lear’s and Rorty’s accounts stand the two great ironists: Socrates and Kierkegaard. Focusing on the competing interpretations of Socratic irony by Gregory Vlastos and Alexander Nehamas, Bernstein shows how they further develop our understanding of irony as a form of life and as an art of living. Bernstein also develops a distinctive interpretation of Kierkegaard’s famous claim that a life that may be called human begins with irony. Bernstein weaves together the insights of these thinkers to show how each contributes to a richer understanding of ironic life. He also argues that the emphasis on irony helps to restore the balance between two different philosophical traditions philosophy as a theoretical discipline concerned with getting things right and philosophy as a practical discipline that shapes how we ought to live our lives.

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Kristin Kipp Teaching on the Education Frontier. Instructional Strategies for Online and Blended Classrooms Grades 5-12

A groundbreaking guide to facilitating online and blended courses This comprehensive resource offers teachers in grades K-12 a hands-on guide to the rapidly growing field of online and blended teaching. With clear examples and explanations, Kristin Kipp shows how to structure online and blended courses for student engagement, build relationships with online students, facilitate discussion boards, collaborate online, design online assessments, and much more. Shows how to create a successful online or blended classroom Illustrates the essential differences between face-to-face instruction and online teaching Foreword by Susan Patrick of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning This is an essential handbook for learning how to teach online and improve student achievement.

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Matt Krantz Investing Online For Dummies

Building substantial online investments is a page away Anyone can invest online, but without the right guidance and know-how, a well-meaning online investment can go wrong—fast. Inside, you'll find the investment strategies you need to pick a winning strategy, find an online broker, and build a successful investment portfolio. This friendly and easily accessible guide bypasses confusing jargon and points you toward the most helpful websites, online calculators, databases, and online communities that will help you succeed in the stock market. Updated to cover the latest tools of the trade, this new edition of Investing Online For Dummies offers expert online investing advice that you can take to the bank! From setting reasonable expectations, figuring out how much to invest, and assessing appropriate risks to picking an online broker and finding investment data online, this power packed book sums up everything you'll encounter as you invest your way to hard-earned financial success. Understand the basics of investing and learn to measure risks Analyze stocks and financial statements Choose an online broker and execute trades online Use online tools to calculate your investment performance Don't take a risk on the wrong tool or strategy. Investing Online For Dummies features a stockpile of powerful, effective resources to help you build an impressive portfolio.

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Емкость для продуктов Tescoma Online (900884)

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Online (900884) Tescoma

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Palloff Rena M. The Excellent Online Instructor. Strategies for Professional Development

The Excellent Online Instructor is a guide for new and seasoned faculty who teach online, those responsible for training and developing online instructors, and administrators who must evaluate online faculty performance. This comprehensive resource describes the qualities of and explains how one can become an excellent online instructor. Written by Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt—noted experts in online instruction—the book Includes models based in adult learning principles and best practices Offers guidelines to test instructors' readiness to teach online Contains ideas for overcoming faculty resistance Reveals how to develop an effective mentoring program Shows how to establish a long-term faculty development effort Praise for The Excellent Online Instructor «Palloff and Pratt have a profound understanding of the online educational milieu, its complexities and challenges as well as the potential it opens up to serious educators dedicated to exploiting its full value. Practical and down-to-earth strategies are at the core of what the authors offer the reader in this engaging book.» —Michael J. Canuel, CEO, LEARN Quebec «This book examines best practices for effective online teaching and instructor engagement and provides a concise plan for faculty development and effective training methods. Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt have provided another essential resource for the field of online teaching and learning that is a must-read for anyone working with faculty or teaching online in either higher education or K–12.» —Kaye Shelton, dean, Online Education, Dallas Baptist University «Whether you are guiding departmental faculty or looking to improve your own online skills, Palloff and Pratt provide practical steps, tools to organize your processes, best practices to emulate, and valuable resources to help you achieve excellence online.» —Lynn Olson, dean, Graduate and Professional Studies, St. Joseph's College Online

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